Meet Aleksandr Popov, the man who seems to have lived multiple lives in one. You might recognize him as the former nightclub security guard or as the trusted school teacher turned law professor. Maybe you've read his columns on the Sõbranna portal, or perhaps you've caught him delivering punchlines as a stand-up comedian with Comedy Estonia. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: Aleksandr is a magnetic character with an opinion on just about everything.

When he takes the stage, Aleksandr tackles current events and the social and political issues that are on everyone's minds. With a commanding presence and a creative mind, he effortlessly weaves silly jokes with insightful commentary on the flaws of the Estonian constitution. He may not have studied life sciences, but that doesn't stop him from imparting wisdom about the role of education and humor in our daily lives. So if you're looking for a comedian who can make you laugh and make you think, Aleksandr Popov is your man.


Good friends and fellow travelers!

I'm known to be completely inept and exceptionally stupid in everything related to both selling myself and talking positively about myself...

So I'm not going to develop a long paradigm-penetrating pathos here, but simply say:

If someone thinks that what he's doing - so be it from personal or professional life - if there is a lack of fun and humor, then you can ask me to be your friend again and again for a reasonable fee or ask me to be a laughing stock! 

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